CubivalCraft Minecraft Server


1 • No griefing inside claimed grounds. Griefing outside claimed grounds are allowed.
Punishment: Tempban 3 days and Confiscate 60% of money

2 • Do not be rude to anyone.
Punishment: Mute 1 hour. If rude to staff then 3 hours. (Mute 3 or more times tempban 1 day)

3 • Do not scam or steal other people's items.
Punishment: Tempban 5 days. / Tempban 3 days and refund owners item.

4 • Do not be toxic.
Punishment: Tempban 3 days.

5 • Do not use hack or any exploits. (Methods that give you more advantage over other players.)
Punishment: Tempban 1 week and confiscate around 70% of everything.

6 • Do not build laggy redstone machines. (0-tick farms.)
Punishment: Tempban 3days / destroy the machine completly and tempban 2days

7 • Refrain from making too many entities. (AFK at spawner farms/ breeding too many villagers)
Punishment: Entities will be cleared by staff to reduce lag. (Includes killing the mobs)

8 • Do not build offensive structures.
Punishment: Jail 1 hour.

9 • Do not claim around other people's claim.
Punishment: Warn 1 time and confiscated the claim

10 • Do not ask the staffs for items, ranks, and errands.
Punishment: Mute 1 hour. (+30 minutes follow ups each time asked.)